I’ve often joked with my students that auditions are like first dates and that many of the ‘rules’ are the same. You want to look and act your best but you also don’t want to pretend to be someone that you are not. We, the audition panel, want to get to know you as an artist in those brief minutes at the audition so do your best to be open and relaxed.

 Show us your good side! Sing a starting selection that you would be sorry that we didn’t hear, something that shows us the beauty of your voice immediately. Your calling card. On Broadway after hearing your monologue and seeing if you can dance the call is ‘give us your best 8 bars’. That feels rather crass to an aspiring opera singer BUT we do want to hear your best bars and the sooner the better.

Wear something in which you feel comfortable and attractive. Flashy and trendy is not the best idea, go for classic. Guys, a nice dress shirt and pants are quite acceptable these days. Suits are not necessary. Girls, a dress that goes to the knees please. You would be surprised that what looks great going out on the town( even on a first date!) simply looks inappropriate on stage. Mezzo trouser role types can certainly show up in pants if you predominately sing those type of roles. Wear shoes that you can walk in , if you are having trouble navigating the stairs as you come into the space it all seems rather unnatural.

About that first date…smile, be open, let us see you and experience your artistry.


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