A few months ago a new student of mine was feeling frustrated with the effectiveness of their learning style. I […]
What a blast I had choosing music for this wonderful program that CBC Radio 2 presents! A real walk down […]
This was a challenging project for the team at COC but we persevered and this was the final product. Click […]
I’ve often joked with my students that auditions are like first dates and that many of the ‘rules’ are the […]
I found the ribbon after a small search. For the record it says: New Brunswick Provincial Livestock Show 19( ahem)71. […]
 I was reminded of the topic of opera and football by a recent posting by my friend and colleague Rebecca […]
My husband’s favourite line to me of late is ‘that’s a blog, you should write about it’. Often it stems from […]
During the past weekend as we observed Remembrance Day I was having several memories that didn’t necessarily go with the […]